Sarah Jane Stoll

“My artwork delves into dream realms, mythological feminine archetypes, cinematic horror, and symbols of nature. I am intrigued by the uncanny and ephemeral qualities of dreams. I visually express these qualities through realism that dissipates into a fantastical disorder of blurs and fragments.Throughout my work there is an emphasis on figures and their place within an environment of painterly abstraction. To me, the realism clings to what is perceived as absolute in the

dream, what we know and remember. Abstraction speaks to the transient nature of things, what is lost in our memory of the dream. Through melting forms, we lose sense of space in the painting and the image dissipates into abstraction. It is through the materiality of paint that I express the emotive and metaphysical. I manipulate paint through a combination of squeegee dragging, palette knife scraping, masking, and marbling techniques.”