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Meet the Artist

Sarah Jane Stoll

Sarah Jane Stoll is a Connecticut based Fine Artist and Educator who graduated summa cum laude from the Maryland Institute Collage of Art with a BFA in Painting. Since graduation, her award winning work has been exhibited nationally. Sarah Jane is inspired by New England’s rural landscape and explores it through paint. Currently, she is painting a mural at a private residence in Pomfret, CT. This mural is inspired by the fresco paintings of the Villa of Livia in Prima Porta, Italy.

“My work is informed by a region that hosts a timeless legacy as The cradle of American history. The hills, valleys, and stone walls of New England stand as an impassive symbol of independence, democracy, and American labor. The old forests and rocky seascapes lend themselves well to the tactile surface of dried paint strokes.”

Sarah Jane Stoll Connecticut based fine artist standing in front of ocean view wearing blue dress

During 2021, Sarah Jane lost most of her artwork and belongings in a house fire in her home town of Woodstock, CT. Fortunately, she survived nearly unscathed. Only a few months after the fire, she was selected to teach visual arts at Putnam Science Academy where she enjoys working with international students from around the globe and hopes to foster a community for the arts in Putnam, CT.

Primarily a figurative painter, Sarah Jane’s portfolio is currently on the precipice of change. Coming summer 2023, Sarah Jane will begin a series of seascape studies to honor Connecticut’s Save the Sound Initiative. Save the Sound works across the entire Long Island Sound region to protect and restore local ecosystems in Connecticut and New York.

The Archive

Works of Art

Although due to trial and tragedy Sarah Jane's art practice is on hiatus, you may visit the online gallery to commemorate her early and lost artworks.

Sarah Jane Stoll’s early work features an exploration of the contemporary figure and darkness within the American landscape.

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Paul Cézanne, 1877


About the Artist

Award winning fine artist, Sarah Jane Stoll, is recognized for her nationally exhibited figurative and American landscape paintings. She is currently based in Connecticut where she teaches visual arts at the Putnam Science Academy.

Humble Beginnings

From West to East

Originally from São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil, Sarah Jane's father came to the United States for college where he studied sculpture and philosophy at Wheaton. It was here where he met her mother, a young Norwegian American illustrator. After marriage, the young couple started a new life in sunny Redlands, CA where Sarah Jane was born. In 1997, the Stoll family moved to the East Coast and settled in the rolling hills of Connecticut. In rural New England, Sarah was inspired by the rich old growth forests of what is known as The Last Green Valley. In Connecticut, Sarah Jane graduated from Woodstock Academy in 2013, and was awarded Artist of the Year.
Maryland Institute College of Art

A Step Forward

Sarah Jane Stoll graduated summa cum laude from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2017 with a BFA in painting. During the summer of 2018, she completed a summer internship at the Maryland Art Place gallery in Baltimore, MD.
Putnam Science Academy

From the Ashes

After surviving a house fire and losing most of her paintings, Sarah Jane Stoll was selected to teach visual arts at the Putnam Science Academy in Putnam, CT. Sarah Jane currently teaches fine art to high school and pre-college students in Connecticut's Quiet Corner.

An astounding artist beyond versatility and measure.

Jotham G. Reynolds VI

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Isabel Tillman
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Studio News

Classrooms Visits

Due to COVID-19, our classroom is only open to virtual visitations. Please make an appointment with Sarah Jane for a FaceTime tour of our classroom open 8 am to 2:45 pm Monday through Friday.

At Putnam Science Academy, art education is centered around each student’s needs and ability. We encourage that each student see themselves as a global citizen and bring their culture and dreams to be shared in a creative space for innovation. Students who have never painted before excel in our painting program. Photography students learn to communicate and work as a team through collaborative projects. Visual Expressions is an advanced course that allows students to explore contemporary media such as printmaking and sculpture.

By 2023 we hope to host a student gallery in which students will have the opportunity to intern under the supervision Sarah Jane Stoll. This internship will provide students with the opportunity to learn art handling, framing, and gallery administration skills. Sarah Jane’s goal as a Visual Arts teacher is to help prepare students with skills for college and beyond.

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Due to the 2021 house fire in Woodstock, CT Sarah Jane is not currently selling any artwork. Please check back at a later date or subscribe to our Newsletter for updates.


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